assessmentThe Student Detail page displays how many assessment results are available for you to view.

Click on the > arrow to view further details.

When you see the results you could discuss them with your child and ask questions such as:

  • Are you pleased with this result?
  • Where could you have improved?
  • If you did the test again what would you do differently?
  • When is the next test?

It is also helpful to look at marks over time and look for patterns of improvement (i.e. marks going up over time) so you can praise your child as where appropriate. You should also look out for patterns of decline (i.e. marks going down over time) so you can see what extra help your child might need from you or from their teachers.

Please note that your school sets the Assessments you can see; if you do not understand a particular subject or mark, please ask your child, speak directly to the school or consult any documentation or letters the school may have provided to explain the marks displayed. For example, a grade B in English is fairly self explanatory, but a Level 3c in Resistant Materials may not be so easy to understand!